Langspielplatten und Maxis 12“, sortiert nach Interpreten: Abba - Arrival Polydor 2344058 vg/vg Abba – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Polydor 2344145 nm/nm Abba – Voulez-Vous Polydor 2344136 vg/vg Abba – The Album Polydor 2335180 nm/nm Abba – The Visitors Polydor 2311122 nm/vg Abba – The Very Best Of…Polydor DA 2612032 Doppel-LP , nm/nm CHESS PL 70500(2) vg/vg A-Ha – Hunting High And Low WB 9253001 vg/vg A-Ha – Train Of Thought Reprice 925455-0 Maxi vg/vg A-Ha – Hunting High And Low WB 920483-0 Maxi vg/vg A-Ha – I’ve Been Losing You WB 920557-0 Maxi vg/vg The World Of AMEN CORNER SPA 33 nm/nm The Art Of Noise ? 206492 vg/vg The Alan Parsons Project – Ammonia Avenue Arista 405837 nm/nm The Alan Parsons Project – Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Edgar Allan Poe g/g Ashford & Simpson – Solid Capitol 423149 nm/nm Ashford & Simpson – Solid Capitol 1AK052-2004236 Maxi nm/nm Herb Alpert – South Of The Border (SP 108) vg / Hülle SP 4110 Herb Alpert – 40 Greatest Hits K-Tel NE 1005 Doppel-LP nm/nm Herb Alpert – Fandango A&M AMLK 63731 nm/vg Herb Alpert – Solid Brass A&M 86135IT vg/vg Paul Anka – Hits Of Yesterday CBS CL 466474 nm/nm Paul Anka – My Way Camden CDS1134 nm/nm Paul Anka – Live In New York RCA FCL 17153 vg/vg Paul Anka – Hit Parade International HP-27 vg/vg Ann-Margret MCA 202053 nm/vg Ann-Margret & Lee Hazlewood The Cowboy & The Lady LHI S-12007 nm/vg Bryan Adams - Reckless 3950131 Bryan Adams – Run To You Maxi AMS 129799 vg/vg Alisha – Baby Talk Vanguard 883724-1 Maxi nm/vg und 7” Single nm/- P.P. Arnold – A Little Pain Virgin 602033-213 Maxi nm/vg Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up MAXI PT41448 ABC – The Night You Murdered Love MAXI 8887831 nm/nm AKON-LONELY 12”Maxi 33er nm/nm Adam & Eve – Wenn die Sonne erwacht MFP 1C048-30069 nm/nm Adam & Eve – Tango Amor MFP 1M048-31343 nm/nm Alexandra – Star + Stimme Philips 6626008 Doppel-LP nm/vg Die Alexandra Story-Stimme der Sehnsucht Philips 6623018 Doppel-LP nm/vg Slavko Avsenik – Profile Telefunken 624050 vg/vg Streifzug durch die Operette mit PETER ALEXANDER 77171 IE vg/vg Peter Alexander Konzert –Live ,Originalaufnahme der ZDF-Show aus der Kölner Sporthalle 2 LPs 27937XDU vg/g Peter Alexander – Live Club Sonderauflage 61030 vg/g Peter Alexander – Tournee Ariola 85710XT 2 LP in Kassette mit Heft vg/vg Peter Alexander – Wir sind eine große Familie Ariola 87319IT vg/vg Peter Alexander – Schlager Rendezvous 27625 IT vg/vg Peter Alexander – Schlager Rendezvous , Folge 2 78001 IT g/- Peter Alexander – Das goldene Schlageralbum 380816 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Ein bißchen Liebe-ein bißchen Wein AMIGA 855245 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Meine Lieblings-Melodien AMIGO 856205 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Wiener Spaziergänge Polydor 237261 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Im Land der Lieder 79951 IU vg/vg Peter Alexander – Genieß dein Leben 202892-365 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Das Wunschkonzert 668046 vg/vg Peter Alexander - Wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit Club-Sonderauflage 62591 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Piccolo-Party mit Sacha Distel,Willy Schneider,Henry Salvator,Martin Lauer, Sven Jenssen,Hazzy Osterwald… Polydor 237282 vg/vg Peter Alexander – Schlager-Erinnerungen Karussell 535001 vg/vg Lale Andersen-Supergold EMI Club Edition 342907 nm/nm Lale Andersen – Unter der Laterne GOL 41005 nm/nm Vic Abram – The Folk Singer 1 c 064-46302 nm/vg Vic Abram – Twisted Wheel Bellaphon DIB 1703 vg/vg Alpinkatzen – Alpine Lawine CBS 4626241 nm/nm Akkordeon Orchester Hürth Gleuel eV-Melodie und Rhythmus 100501 nm/nm Akkordeon Orchester Fred Hector-Von Bach bis Bernstein HOHNER HR 8099107nm/nm The Aloha Hawaiians – Träume von Hawaii FASS 1547 WY vg/vg The Beach Boys- Studio Sessions ’61-’62 GETBACK 576 nm/nm The Beach Boys – Surfin’ Intercord INT 128.621 vg/vg The Beach Boys – The Very Best … AMIGA 856144 vg/vg The Beach Boys Capitol HST 20788 vg/nm Best Of The Beach Boys Vol.3 Capitol SMK 1021 nm/nm The Beach Boys- All Summer Long Capitol 1C048-51850 nm/nm Beach Boys – Girls Hör Zu SHZE 231 g/g g/g Beach Boys Live Hör Zu SHZE 302 nm/nm The Beach Boys – Surfin USA / Surfin Safari Capitol 1C148-82008/9 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beach Boys – Shot Down&20/20 Crystal 134EVC5322/3 nm/nm Beach Boy’s Oldies Emidisc 1C048-50776 nm/nm The Beach Boys – Sunflower Emidisc C048-50791 nm/vg (CD-R) The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up Emidisc 1C048-51111 nm/vg (CD-R) The Beach Boys-Carl And The Passions”So Tough” Reprice K 44184 g/g (CD-R) The Beach Boys – Holland Reprice MS 2118 (ohne 7” LP) vg/vg (CD-R) The Beach Boys – 15 Big Ones Reprice REP 54079 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beach Boys – Love You Reprice REP 54087 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beach Boys – LA Album CRB 86081 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beach Boys – 1985er Album 26378 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beach Boys – Made in USA 2610693 Doppel-LP nm/nm The Beach Boys – Still Crusin’ 7926391 nm/vg (CD-R) The Beach Boys- Wild Honey 300SVL nm/nm The Beach Boys/Little Richard – Happy Endings 8885 Maxi nm/nm The Beach Boys –Kokomo / Little Richard – Tutti Frutti / The Georgia Sattellites – Hippy Hippy Shake 966743-0 MAXI vg/vg Surfin’ Germany mit GANZ ALLEIN BFX 15250 nm/nm The Beatles – In The Beginning Polydor 2371051 nm/vg The Beatles Live At The Star Club Bellaphon BLS 5560 Doppel-LP nm/nm The Beatles – A Taste Of Honey MELODIA C60 23581 008 vg/g The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl 1c072-06377 Cover: CUT/ Vinyl: NM The Beatles – White Album Jugoton LSAP 79003/4 nm/vg (2 CD-R MONO) The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour Jugoton LSPAR-73060 nm/vg (CD-R) The Beatles – Please Please Me Toshiba-Pressung EAS-80550 vg/vg (CD-R) The Beatles – Rubber Soul PCS 3075 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beatles – Help ! PCS 3071 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beatles – Beatles For Sale PMC 1240 MONO nm/nm (CD-R) The Beatles – Revolver PCS 7009 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper Parlophone PCS 7027 nm/nm (CD-R) The Beatles – Let It Be… Naked 12” & 7” FLY ON THE WALL 33upm 5954380 nm/nm The Beatles – Rarities Parlophone PSLP 261 nm/vg The Beatles – Anthology 1 8344451 3LP Album nm/nm (2 CD-R) The Beatles – Anthology 2 8344481 3 LP Album nm/nm (2 CD-R) The Beatles – Anthology 3 8344511 3 LP Album nm/nm (2 CD-R) The Band – The Last Waltz WB 66076 3 LP Album nm/nm Jackson Browne-Running On Empty WEA AS 53070 nm/nm The Bee Gees – Massachusetts Contour CN 2002 nm/nm The Bee Gees – Best Karussell 2674007 Doppel-LP nm/nm The Bee Gees – Odessa Karussell 2674012 Doppel-LP nm/nm The Bee Gees – E.S.P. WB 925541-1 nm/nm The Bee Gees – One WB 925887-1 nm/nm The Bee Gees – You Win Again Maxi 9207900 nm/nm The Bee Gees AMIGA 855674 vg/vg Booker T. & The M.G.’s - Best Of … Stax STX 88045 Doppel-LP nm/nm BERLIN – COUNT,THREE & PRAY Mercury 8305861 nm/nm Chuck Berry – Back In The USA TIME WIND 50009 nm/vg Kate Bush – The Kick Inside 1C064-06603 vg/vg Kate Bush- Never For Ever 1C064-07339 vg/vg Kate Bush – The Dreaming 1C064-64589 vg/vg Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill 7”&12” vg/vg Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love SVLP 290 Simply Vinyl nm/nm Blondie Chrysalis 6307616 nm/nm Blondie – Plastic Letters Chrysalis 6307617 nm/nm Blondie – Eat Of The Beat Chrysalis 6307661 nm/nm Blondie- Parallel Lines Chrysalis 6307654 nm/nm Blondie – Autoamerican Chrysalis 202987-320 nm/nm Blondie – The Hunter Chrysalis 204697-320 nm/vg Blondie- Atomic Chrysalis CHS 12 2410 Maxi vg/vg Deborah Harry – Def , Dumb & Blonde Chrysalis CHR 1650 nm/nm Bonnie Bianco – Cinderella ’87 Kangaroo 143040 nm/nm Bonnie Bianco – Just Me Metronome 831702-1 nm/nm Lory Bianco –Lonely Is The Night WEA 72362-1 nm/vg Harry Belafonte – 18 Romantic Songs RCA PL 45317 nm/vg Harry Belafonte – Try To Remember… RCA 91399-6 nm/nm Harry Belafonte – Pure Gold From Caribbean RCA NL47062 vg/vg George Benson – In Your Eyes WB 92-3744-1 vg/vg Shirley Bassey – Big Spender Sunset SLS 50262 g/g Shirley Bassey – All Of Me Emidisc C048-50624 nm/nm Pat Boone – The Best Of … DOT 1C048-93242 nm/nm Pat Boone – The Very Best Of … MCA 203700-320 nm/nm Box Tops – The Best … MFP 048MFP90776 nm/nm Robin Beck – Trouble Or Nothing Metronome 8389101 nm/nm J.J. Barrie – Did I Forget To Say Thank You PXL010 nm/nm The Byrds – Sweetheart Of The Rodeo Embassy EMB 31124 nm/nm Blood,Sweat & Tears – Greatest Hits CBS S 64803 nm/nm Blood,Sweat & Tears – Latin Fire Platinum PLP25 nm/vg Elkie Brooks - Live And Learn A&M AMID 116 nm/nm Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian 7”&12” nm/vg Bangles – Different Light EMI Liberation LIB 5071 IMPORT nm/nm Baltimora – Tarzan Boy 7”&12” nm/vg Baltimora –Woody Boogie 1CK060-1187286 nm/nm Bananarama – Venus 7”&12” nm/nm Bad Boys Blue – Come Back And Stay 7” & 12 “ nm/vg BBinc. – A TOUCH OF VELVET GG0022 Boney M. – Take The Heart Off Me Hansa 27573 vg/g (Poster fehlt) Boney M. – Love For Sale Hansa 28888 vg/g (Poster fehlt) vg/vg Boney M. – Boonoonoonoos Hansa 203888-320 (Poster fehlt) vg/g Boney M. – Oceans Of Fantasy Hansa 200888-320 vg/g Boney M.- Christmas Album 204300-320 nm/nm BIG COUNTRY- THE GROSSING 8128701 vg/vg James Brown – Living In America Bellaphon 12014019 Maxi nm/nm The Beatmasters – Rok Da House INT 127813 Maxi nm/nm Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be A Cowboy INT 125235 Maxi nm/nm Mel Brooks – To Be Or Not To Be Island 12IS158 Maxi nm/nm Boland – The Boat Teldec 620443AE Maxi farbiges Vinyl nm/nm Joan Baez in Italy 1c199-93560/561 vg/vg Joan Baez – Greatest Hits … Vanguard 1C062-93522 g/g Joan Baez Amiga 855705 vg/g Benelux & Nancy Dee EMI Greece SMB 40118 vg/vg Blue- Jam Session (Direct To Disc) Audio Int’l M&K 10015 nm/nm The Best Of BIDDU Epic EPC 83558 vg/vg Angelo Branduardi - Cogli La Prima Mela 200940320 vg/vg Anne Bertucci – Cool Hand Ultra Phone 625356 nm/vg Anne Bertucci - I’m Number One Ultra Phone 624977 nm/vg Andre Brasseur – Early Bird RCA PPL1-4065 vg/g Alain Barriere – La Chanson Francaise 11 MED 51911 nm/vg Jacques Brel – Gold 66002 nm/nm Brigitte Bardot-…et dieu crea la fame … Picture Disc vg/- Gilbert Becaud - Edition 2000 SMC2019/20 g/g Jacqueline Boyer si Francois Lubiana ELECTRECORD EDE-0136 nm/nm (CD-R) Jacqueline Boyer – Chanteuse Capitol T 10313 MONO (USA Import) nm-/nm- vg+/nm- Jacqueline Boyer – Chanteuse Capitol ST 10313 STEREO (USA Import) vg+/nm- Jacqueline Boyer – Chanteuse Columbia SCXW 7618 vg+/vg (CD-R) Jacqueline Boyer Pathe PAM 67,053 MONO Capitol Canada vg/vg+ Jacqueline Boyer Columbia RS 1097 MONO ,25cm Langspielplatte, vg/vg+ Jacqueline Boyer- Verliebte Schlager aus Paris (mit PAUL KUHN) MFP 5141 vg/vg Jacqueline Boyer – Olympia 71 Briand BR 30-34 vg/vg (CD-R) Jacqueline Boyer Cornet 17002 vg/g vg/vg vg+/vg (CD-R) Jacqueline Boyer – Paris Cherie BASF CRQ 429 vg/vg Jacqueline Boyer – Plus WR 10881 nm/vg (CD-R) Jacqueline Boyer/Andy Borg …Das große deutsche Schlager-Archiv 36266-5 vg/vg THE BOSTON – HAIR CS 16039 vg/vg Freddy Breck - Mit einem bunten Blumenstrauß 2022498-8 nm/nm Graham Bonney – Rosemary und Companie MFP 1M048-31120 nm/vg De Bläck Fööss – Link eröm ,rächs eröm 1C058-32640 nm/nm Roy Black – Weihnachten bin ich zu Haus 249249 g/vg Roy Black – Rosenzeit 9031749561 nm/vg Bianca (Herlinde Grobe/Berti Glockner) – Zaubersee Polydor 831309-1 mn/vg Bianca (Herlinde Grobe/Berti Glockner) – Von Herz zu Herz Ariola 210019 nm/vg (CD-R) Bianca (Herlinde Grobe/Berti Glockner) – Meine Lieder Meine Welt Ariola 211 334 nm/nm The Beatles Revival Band Frankfurt Telefunken 622998 nm/nm Gus Backus-Backus in die Ohren 249065 vg/G (R Stempel auf Coverrückseite) Blonker – Fantasia Philips 6435058 nm/nm & vg/vg (CD-R) Blonker – Der Gitarrensound von Blonker LP 846760-1 vg/vg Roger Bennet & His Magic Clarinet-Eine kleine Nachtmusik MLP 15339 nm/nm Willi Boskovsky Wiener Philharmoniker-Der Jahrhundert Ball ADE G 123 nm/nm Willi Boskovsky Wiener Johann Strauß Orchester EMI 1C067-43280T nm/nm Berliner Philharmoniker/Herbert von Karajan-List,Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.2 Smetana,Die Moldau DG 139037 SLPM nm/nm Bamberger Symphoniker-Max Bruch Nr.1 g-moll op.26/Mendelssohn-Bartholdy e-moll op.64 87684XAK nm/nm Karl Böhm – Mozart 415309-1 nm/nm Karl Böhm – Mozart 40/41 6540077 vg/g Christo Bajew – Frühlingsglocken / Liebe ist wie ein Strauß blauer Veilchen / Sei mir gegrüßt du holdes Venecia /Eine Tages wird es zu Ende sein/ Für dich allein / Kosakenlied 801 vg/vg (CD-R) CCR- Revival/Bayou Country Doppel-LP nm/nm CCR-1969/Willy And The Poorboys Doppel-LP nm/nm CCR-Pendulum/Cosmos Factory Doppel-LP nm/nm CCR-Chronicle Doppel-LP nm/nm Charles Chaplin-A Countess From Hong Kong Decca DL 71501 vg/vg Celebration (Mike Love) - Almost Summer MCA-3037 vg/vg Patrick Cowley – Menergy Polydor 2374188 nm/nm Charisma- Chinese Restaurant Polydor 2448060 vg/vg Nat King Cole – Ramblin’ Rose Capitol ST 1793 USA-IMPORT nm/nm Nat King Cole - If I Give My Heart To You NLP 11004 vg/vg Cher – Stars WB 56111 nm/vg Cher – The Shoop Shoop Song Epic 6566736 Maxi nm/nm Jessi Colter – I’m…. Capitol ST-11363 vg/vg Jessi Colter- Jessi Capitol ST-11477 vg/vg Glen Campbell – 20 All Time Greatest Hits JB 290 nm/nm Kim Carnes – Mistaken Idendity 064400008 vg/vg Kim Carnes – Voyeur 064400126 vg/vg Kim Carnes – Barking At Airlines 0642403381 vg/vg Kim Carnes – Light House 0642405721 nm/vg Kim Carnes – Café Racers 0647171061 nm/vg Roy Clark- Master’s Of Country DOT 1C054-95735 nm/vg Petula Clark - Downtown PRT PYL 17 nm/nm Petula Clark – Portrait in Musik Vogue LDVS 1750 vg/vg Judy Collins – Both Sides Now WEA SHM 3061 nm/nm J.J. Cale - Naturally Shelter 27320 ET vg/g Alma Cogan – The Best Of … Columbia 1C048-29246 MONO nm/vg Eddie Cochran- Singles Album UAK 30244 MONO nm/nm The Cure – Standing On A Beach . The Singles 8292391 nm/nm The Chi-Lites – Greatest Hits Bellaphon BLPS 19125 nm/vg The Carpenters – A Song For You A&M AMLS 63511 nm/nm Captain & Tennille –20 Greatest Hits A&M MFP 50492 nm/nm Chubby Checker – 20 Super Hits London 623486 nm/nm Chubby Checker – Twist doch mal mit mir BF 15339 nm/nm Tony Christie – Das Beste von ... MCA 204794-502 vg/vg Joe Cocker – Definite 1964-1986 LP1321 vg/vg Adriano Celentano – Una Festa Sui Prati Ariola 87821 XAT nm/nm A.Celentano & C. Mori – Storia D’Amore Ariola 204971-320 nm/nm Karen Cheryl CNR 0060283 nm/nm Toni Childs - Union A&M 395175-1 nm/nm The Commodores – Nightshift ZL 72343 vg/vg Sam Cooke - What A Wonderful World AR 31 056 vg/vg Chistian – Un’ Altra Vita … Metronome 0060522 nm/vg Leonard Cohen – Songs Of Love And Hate Columbia C 30103 vg/vg David Cassidy - 12 Original Super Classics Arista 296058-245 nm/nm David Cassidy – Romance Arista 601885 Maxi nm/nm David Cassidy – She Knows All About Boys Arista 601940 Maxi nm/nm Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight Virgin VST 102 nm/nm C.C. Catch – Big Time Metronome 8898931 nm/nm The Catch – 25 Years 7” & 12 “ nm/vg Creative Source – Migration MLP 15907 nm/vg Cherrelle - High Priority Tabu 26699 nm/vg Cock Robin CBS 26448 vg/g Cock Robin – When Your Heart Is Weak CBS A12-6214 Maxi vg/g Cock Robin – When Your Heart Is Weak CBS 650029-6 Maxi vg/g Cock Robin – The Promise You Made CBS A 126764 Maxi vg/g Cock Robin – Thought You Were On My Side CBS A127099 Maxi vg/g Climie Fisher - Rise To The Occasion K0602021846 Maxi nm/nm Cretu – Samurai Virgin 601753-213 Maxi nm/vg Culture Club – Move Away Virgin 608046-213 Maxi nm/nm Coldcut – Doctorin’ The House INT 125256 Maxi nm/nm Coldcut- Doctorin’ The House INT 125259 Maxi nm/nm The Communards – You Are My World Maxi LON XR 123 vg/vg Culture Beat – Der Erdbeermund CBS 6554296 Maxi nm/nm The Chills-The Great Escape/I Love My Leather Jacket FNUK 7 Maxi nm/nm Jim Capaldi - Dancing On The Highway Maxi 612248 vg/vg Gerd Christian – Sag ihr auch AMIGA 855779 vg/vg Rene Carol – Rote Rosen ,Rote Lippen ,Roter Wein Polydor 2316222 nm/nm Hans Carste –Zwischen Tag und Traum Polydor 2630102 7LP Kassette nm/nm Richard Clayderman – Ein Traum von Liebe 625750 nm/nm Richard Clyderman – 3 Disques d’or /10 partitions musicales DEL5/700603/4/5 vg/vg Howard Carpendale – Mittendrin 1 C 088-1470791 nm/nm The Ray Conniff Singers-Somebody Loves Me CBS 62333 vg/g Concertgebouw-Orchester / van Beinum/Haintink-Brahms/Bruch 835234LY vg/nm Concertgebouw-Orchester/van Beinum – Tschaikowsky-Nußknacker Suite op.71 a G 05342 R ,25 cm LP , nm/nm Jimmy Dorsey – The Uncollected Decca 623550 nm/nm Fats Domino – His Greatest Hits WM 2057 nm/nm Fats Domino – Fantastic Fats Columbia 1C048-90934 vg/g Bobby Darin – 20 Greatest Hits YDG 15711 nm/nm Dion & The Belmonts – Rare And Previously Unissued CH 155 vg/vg Doris Day - Ihre schönsten Songs CBS CL 290734 nm/nm Donovan – Fairytale 85138 XAT g/g Donovan – The Hurdy Gurdy Man Epic BN 26420 nm/nm (CD-R) The Best Of Deep Purple Scepter CTN 18010 nm/nm Deep Purple in Rock Harvest 1C072-91442 nm/nm Deep Purple Live in Concert Harvest 1C072-90749 nm/nm Deep Purple Mark I&II Purple 1C172-94865/66 Doppel-LP vg/vg Deep Purple – Made In Japan Purple 1C172-93915/16 Doppel-LP vg/vg The Drifters – 20 Greatest Hits Astan F 20141 nm/nm The Drifters – Save The Last …. MFP 1M048-96976 nm/nm The Drifters – There Goes My... MFP 50352 nm/nm Neil Diamond – Greatest Hits Bellaphon BI1535 nm/nm Neil Diamond – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Bellaphon BI 1550 nm/nm Neil Diamond - Portrait Bellaphon BLS 5535 Doppel-LP vg/vg The Neil Diamond Show MCA 82044-3 3 LP Album g/g Neil Diamond – Love At The Greek CBS 95001 Doppel-LP g/g Dire Straits – Making Movies Vertigo 6359034 nm/vg DIRE STREATS – BROTHERS IN ARMS VHS PAL 041370 Lonnie Donegan – Puttin’ On The Style 6307618 vg/vg (CD-R) The Dave Clark Five – The Very Best…MFP 1M 146-96813/4 vg/g The Doobie Brothers- Stampede WB 56094 vg/vg Die Superhits von John Denver RCA 30173-9 g/- John Denver - The Best Of … RCA Club Edition 348565 vg/vg John Denver – Higher Ground D1 – 72850 nm/nm The Steampacket (Auger/Baldry/Biggs/Driscoll/Waller/Stewart/Brown) 529706 g/g Julie Driscoll ,Brian Auger And The Trinity Polydor 2861298 nm/nm Legend Of Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich Fontana 701702 nm/nm Hazel Dean - Heart First Bellaphon 26007080 nm/nm Hazel Dean – Who’s Leaving Who K0602024316 Maxi nm/nm Doctorin’D – House Of No Return INT 125735 Maxi nm/nm Chris De Burgh – The Lady In Red A&M 392114-1 Maxi nm/vg Chris De Burgh AMIGA 856172 vg/vg Jason Donovan Every Day Maxi PWLT 43 nm/nm PR COPY Deacon Blue - Love And Regret CBS 6552126 vg/vg C.Q.F. Dutronc CBS 4604051 nm/vg Susanne Doucet – Rot wie Rubin Look Back 200007 nm/nm Susanne Doucet – Die großen Erfolge Look Back 213005 nm/nm Dalida – Er war gerade 18 Jahr ... SR 420224 nm/nm Drafi Deutscher – Profile Teldec 624286 nm/nm DÖF – Tag und Nacht GG 626163 nm/vg Dolls United – Blechbüchse roll ! EW 0630131840 Maxi nm/nm Robert Delgado Orchestra-Spanish Eyes Polydor 149206 vg/vg Duane Eddy – Movin’N’Groovin’ London NL 632 nm/nm Engelbert – 20 Super Hits … Decca 622553 nm/nm David Essex - His Greatest Hits CBS 10011 nm/vg (CD-R) David Essex – Rock On Maxi CBS 6649486 nm/nm Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery AMIGA 855722 vg/vg The Everly Brothers – Greatest Hits PDA 063 Doppel-LP nm/nm The Everly Brothers – EB 84 Mercury 4228224311 nm/vg The Eagles – Hotel California WEA AS 53051 nm/nm Earth ,Wind & Fire –That’s The Way … CBS 80575 vg/vg Earth , Wind & Fire – Powerlight CBS 25120 vg/vg Earth,Wind & Fire – Raise ! 85272 vg/vg Earth , Wind & Fire – I Am CBS 86084 vg/vg Earth , Wind & Fire – Faces CBS 88498 Doppel-LP vg/vg Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams … RCA PL 70014 nm/vg Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin – Sister are.. RCA PT 40340 Maxi nm/nm Eurythmics- Who’s That Girl? RCA PC 68076 Maxi nm/nm Eurythmics – Beethoven RCA PT 41572 Maxi nm/nm Erasure – Who Needs Love INT 126833 Maxi nm/nm Erasure – Heavenly Action INT 126834 Maxi nm/vg Erasure – Ship Of Fools INT 126879 Maxi nm/nm Eddy And The Soulband -Theme From Shaft 8800891 Maxi vg/vg Edelweiss- Bring Me Edelweiss WEA 2475430 Maxi nm/vg Kurt Edelhagen –Swinging Goodies GOL 41008 vg/- Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung – Geld Oder Leben 1333631 g/- Eschenbach/Frantz/Schmidt-Mozart Konzerte EMI 1C067-43231 nm/nm ...das ist die Platte der legendären Aufnahme in Studio 1 mit dem früheren Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt ---ausführliches ist auf den Seiten 146,147 und 148 in dem Buch ABBEY ROAD zu lesen.......... Funky Space Orchestra – Sounds Of The Universe Capriole 418160 nm/nm The Best Of Annette (Funicello) RNLP 702 Pictures Disc IMPORT nm/vg … with The Beach Boys –The Monkey’s Uncle Donna Fargo –The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. DOS-26000 nm/nm Frida (siehe ABBA) - Shine Polydor 8235801 nm/vg Marianne Faithfull – Broken English Island 201018-320 nm/vg Jose Feliciano – Alive Alive-O ! RCA PL 89348 Doppel-LP nm/nm Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad RCA PL 89552 nm/nm Fleetwood Mac Reprice REP 54043 g/g Fleetwood Mac –Rumours WEA 7599273131 nm/nm (CD-R) Fleetwood Mac – Mirage WB K 56952 nm/nm (CD-R) Foreigner – Records 7809991 vg/vg Flash And The Pan - Pan Orama 9131291ME vg/vg Facts Of Life – Sometimes TK 802 nm/nm Narvel Felts- One Run For The Roses ABC AY-1115 nm/nm The 5th Dimension – Popgold ABC 344465 nm/vg Connie Francis in Deutschland BFX 15305 9 LP Kassette mit Buch nm/nm Connie Francis Sings Folk Song Favortites MGM E/SE 3969 nm/nm Connie Francis – Rock ‘N Roll Million Sellers Polydor 8319951 nm/vg Connie Francis- Greatest Hits Polydor 831994-1 nm/nm Connie Francis- Among My Souvenirs Karussell 825799-1 nm/vg Connie Francis – Stargala Polydor 2664407 Doppel-LP nm/nm Connie Francis Polydor 2670168 Doppel-LP nm/nm Connie Francis – Was ich bin UA 30196 vg/vg Fairground Attraction – Perfect 7“&12“ nm/nm Agneta Fältskog (von ABBA) – The Last Time 248087-0 Maxi vg/vg Aretha Franklin – Who’s Zoomin’ Who Arista 602090 Maxi nm/nm Fat Boys – The Twist Polydor 887638-1 Maxi nm/nm Fat Boys- Wipeout ! 7”&12” nm/nm F.P.I. Project – Rich In Paradise 7”&12” nm/nm The Flirts- Passion 7”&12” nm/nm Falco-Rock Me Amadeus 7”&12” vg/vg F.Y.C. –She Drives Me Crazy London 886361-1 Maxi nm/nm 5 Star – Can’t Wait Another Minute PT 40698 Maxi nm/nm 5 Star – Silk & Steel PL 71100 vg/vg Far Corporation – Stairway To Heaven IMP 601828-213 Maxi vg/vg Riccardo Fogli- Io Ti Porto Via CGD 20061 nm/nm Nino Ferrer – Satanee Mirza ! Barclay 835146-1 vg/g Freddy – Heimweh nach St. Pauli Polydor 237265 g/- Freddy – Von Kontinent zu Kontinent 249001 vg/vg Freddy Quinn-Das grosse Wunschkonzert Polydor 302299 nm/nm Fischer-Chöre - Die großen Erfolge 2371467 vg/vg Fehlfarben – Monarchie und Alltag 1C064-46150 nm/vg Fehlfarben- 33 Tage in Ketten 1C064-46380 nm/nm Fritz Brause – Shilly Shally 1C066-1560411 nm/vg Veronika Fischer & Band Amiga 855459 vg/vg Veronika Fischer & Band Amiga 855514 vg/vg Horst Fischer – Trompeten Serenade ND 183 vg/vg Jose Fangio mit seinem Tango Orchester-Tango Time FALCON L-ST 7128 nm/nm Genesis 8142871 vg/vg GENISES – THREE SIDES LIVE VHS 39009822B Peter Gabriel - So 207587630 g/g Rob Grill – Uprooted Mercury 9111055 vg/vg Peter Green – The End Of The Game Reprice 24023 vg/vg Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant K 44045 g/g Arlo Guthrie – Star Collection MID 24003 vg/vg Sophia George-Girlie Girlie 626327AO nm/vg Golden Gate Quartet Amiga 855064 vg/vg Astrud Gilberto/James Last - Plus Polydor 8311231 vg/vg vg/vg Astrud Gilberto – Look To The Rainbow V6-6843 nm/nm Ron Goodwin – The Miss Marple Films PV1501 nm/nm (CD-R) Ron Goodwin – Serenades In Love Odeon SMO 74248 vg/vg Crystal Gayle – Crystal UA-LA 614 vg/vg Crystal Gayle – When I Dream UA-LA 858 vg/vg Lesley Gore – Attention ! Fontana 6430122 vg/vg Lesley Gore –Der Erste Tanz BF 15264 nm/nm France Gall- Die großen Erfolge Telefunken ND 264 vg/vg France Gall -Die großen Erfolge 2 Telefunken ND 554 vg/vg France Gall –Les Plus Belles Chansons WE 321 nm/cut France Gall – Babacar WE381 nm/nm Rocco Granata – Marina BFX 15134 nm/nm Eduardas Gabnys jr. & Genadijus Savkovas MELODIA C60 28423 001 nm/nm Jan Gorissen und Jean Kraft –28 Akkordeon Trümpfe ELITE SPEZIAL SOLP-363 nm/nm Orch. Jose Garcia-Viva Tijuana Astan LP 50045 nm/nm Hein Van der Gaag – Music On The Rocks Philips 6410157 nm/vg Giorgio – That’s Bubble Gum That’s Giorgio Hansa 80052 HT vg/vg Giorgio (Moroder)-Knights In White Satin Oasis 27977 vg/vg Gloria Gaynor- Never Can Say Goodbye MGM 2315321 vg/vg Gloria Gaynor- Experience MGM 2315344 vg/vg Gloria Gaynor-I’ve Got You Polydor 2391 218 vg/vg Gloria Gaynor-Be Soft With Me Tonight B.C. 12-2019-40 Maxi vg/vg Go West Chrysalis 206801 vg/vg Siedah Garrett – Kissing Quest 920912-0 Maxi nm/nm Boris Gardiner – I Wanna Wake Up With You 620641AE Maxi vg/vg Goombay Dance Band – Zauber der Karibik vg/- Goombay Dance Band – Seven Tears CBS EPC 85702 vg/g Eddy Grant Amiga 856166 vg/vg The Gas – Emotional Warfare Polydor POLS 1052 g/g Karel Gott – Guten Abend Gute Laune AMIGA 855862 vg/vg Anna German – Recital Piosenek (Polen) SXLO 424 g/g Max Greger - Trimm und tanz dich Top-Fit 2371513 vg/vg Will Glahe – Portrait in Gold ,2 LP Kassette, 630103 nm/nm Will Glahe – Mein Leben mit dem Akkordeon 626421 AG nm/nm Will Glahe – Das goldene Akkordeon 621694 AF vg/vg Will Glahe – Tanzende Finger Vol.1 621427 AF vg/g (auf Coverrückseite Markierungen) The Complete Buddy Holly Story 9 LP Kassette mit Heft vg/vg High Llamas (Sean O’Hagan) - Could And Bouncy 70700731 Doppel-LP nm/nm (CD-R) Mary Hopkin-Postcard Apple (Capitol ST3351) IMPORT vg/vg (CD-R von MusiCassette) Hot Chocolate-Greatest Hits RAK1C064-60234 nm/vg Hot Chocolate-Every 1’S A Winner RAK 1C064-60499 vg/- Hot Chocolate –Every 1’S A Winner K0602017466 Maxi nm/nm Hot Chocolate – Every 1’S A Winner K0602017746 Maxi nm/nm The Hollies – Hollies’ Greatest PCS 7057 nm/nm The Hollies – Hallo Metronome 0060220 nm/nm Bill Haley And His Comets - 20 Golden Hits 622555AP nm/nm Bill Haley And His Comets – Golden Favorites MCA 201784-241 vg/vg Bill Haley And His Comets – 20 Greatest Hits Lotus LOP 14016 vg/vg Nona Hendryx - The Art Of Defense RCA PL 84999 vg/vg Nona Hendryx – The Heat RCA PL 85465 vg/vg Donna Hightower – Here I Am Metronome MPL 15490 nm/nm The Hi-Lo’s – Back Again MPS 0068217 vg/vg Clarence “ Frogman” Henry – The Legendary STLP3001 vg/vg Whitney Houston - Whitney Arista 144196 nm/nm George Hamilton IV - Song’s For A Winter’s Night RTL 2082 nm/nm Hot BT 89522 nm/vg Woody Herman – Classics In Jazz 10” LP CAPITOL/TELEFUNKEN H 324 g/vg Woody Herman – Caladonia F 20131 nm/vg Daryl Hall & John Oates – Private Eyes 20225 nm/nm Daryl Hall & John Oates – The Big Ones 9311704000380 nm/nm Bruce Hornsby And The Range – The Way It Is PL 89901 vg/vg David Hasselhoff – Lovin Feelings Maxi CBS 4511141 nm/nm The Housemartins – Caravan Of Love Maxi 608799 nm/nm Jan Hammer- Miami Vice Theme 7”&12” vg/vg Jan Hammer-Crockett’s Theme 7”& 12” nm/nm Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok 7”&12” vg/vg Paul Hardcastle - 19 7”&12” vg/vg Paul Hardcastle- 19 German Version 7”&12” vg/vg Paul Hardcastle – 19 The Final Story Chrysalis 601814 Maxi vg/vg Paul Hardcastle – 19 In The Beginning Chrysalis 207441 Maxi vg/vg Francoise Hardy - Portrait in Musik SR 60465 10” LP vg/vg Francoise Hardy Vogue 624274 nm/vg Gitte Haenning – Meilensteine Global 436063 nm/vg Peter Hinnen- Siebentausend Rinder SR 420233 nm/nm Lydia Huber – Das Jodeln und die Blasmusik Teldec 625882AF vg/vg Michael Holm- Alle Wünsche kann man nicht erfüllen Telefunken 621384 nm/nm (CD-R) Hans Hartz:Sturm ! (mit Widmung v. 7.12.82) nm/vg Nina Hagen Band – Unbehagen CBS 84104 vg/vg Nina Hagen –Angstlos CBS 25667 vg/vg Hoffmann & Hoffmann – Alles was ich brauche,bist du 0063211 vg/vg Peter Hofmann- Rock Classics CBS 85965 vg/g Heino-Deutsche Weihnachtszeit 1C064-29539 vg/vg (Klappcover mit Krippe !!!) Willi Hagara- Von einem kleinen Kaffeehaus ZK 100116 vg/- Willi Hagara- Urlaub in Wien SMVP6043 vg/- Maria Hellwig - Portrait Telefunken 628549 Doppel-LP g/vg The Original Hilo Hawaiians Europa E 342 nm/nm The Honolulu Serenaders Europa E 491 nm/nm Hitparade Live mit Originalunterschriften von Bernd Clüver,Rex Gildo,Elfi Graf, Dieter“Thomas“Heck,Michael Holm,Phil&John und Severine 87750IT g/vg “Mein Hitparaden-Buch” von Bild am Sonntag Haydn Nr. 82 c-dur/D-dur op.101 P12 nm/vg Orchestre Arthur Iriti –Iaora Tahiti Barclay BLP 16026 vg/vg The Isley Brothers - The Heat Is On Epic 69139 vg/vg Isley Jasper Isley – Caravan Of Love Epic A126612 nm/nm Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da –Vida Atlantic ATL 40022 nm/nm Billy Idol – Sweet Sixteen Maxi 609100 nm/nm Icehouse - Hey’ Little Girl Chrysalis 600733-213 nm/nm Ideal – Bi Nuu WEA 2400441 nm/nm The Islanders – Südsee Melodien ARCADE ADE G 113 nm/vg Tom Jones- 20 Super Hits Decca 622552 nm/nm The Jan & Dean Sound Dore LP 101 MONO nm/nm Jan & Dean – Gotta Take That … UA-LA 341-H2 0798 MONO Doppel-LP nm/vg Jean-Michel Jarre - Les Chants Magnetiques 2344166 vg/vg Jean-Michel Jarre – The Concerts in China Polydor 2612039 Doppel-LP nm/nm Jean Michel Jarre - Waiting For Cousteau Polydor 8436141 nm/nm Howard Jones – Dream Into Action WEA 2406321 nm/nm Howard Jones- Human’s Lib WEA 2403351 nm/nm Grace Jones- Nightclubbing Island 203481-320 vg/vg Grace Jones- Slave To The Rhythm K060-2008906 Maxi nm/nm Jarreau – Boogie Down / I Keep Callin ‘ MAXI 2599320 vg/vg Quincy Jones – The Dude A&M AMLH63721 vg/vg Quincy Jones (Ray Charles/Chaka Khan) – I’ll Be Good To You Maxi 7599214300 nm/nm Syl Johnson – Ms. Fine Brown Frame Bellaphon 26016025 vg/vg Elton John – Diamonds 0044207 g/g Elton John – I Don’t Wanna Go… 8703251 Maxi nm/nm Elton John – Nikita 8841731 Maxi vg/vg Sonny James – Traces SPC-3650 vg/vg Jay & The Americans – Let’s Dance Sunset SLS 50106 vg/vg Michael Jackson – Thriller 85930 (dunkles Label)vg/vg(CD-R)(helles Label) nm/nm Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller VHS Video 4010324100085 Michael Jackson – Dangerous VHS Video 5099704916422 Michael Jackson – History VHS Video 5099705012321 MICHAEL JACKSON THIS IS IT 2DVD 72024 Michael Jackson – Farewell My Summer Love 6101ML nm/nm Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal Epic 6530266 Maxi vg/vg Jacksons – Victory Epic 86303 vg/vg Jackson 5 – Skywriter M761L vg/vg Mahalia Jackson – 20 Greatest Hits Astan LP 20120 nm/nm Mahalia Jackson- Greatest Gospel Hits CBS S 52606 vg/- Janet Jackson – What Have You… A&M 3920791 Maxi nm/nm Dee D. Jackson- Automatic Lover Jupiter 67280 nm/nm Wanda Jackson- Early BFX 15109 nm/nm Wanda Jackson/Gene Vincent – The Greatest Party 1C048-81065 MONO nm/nm Wanda Jackson MFP 5692 nm/nm Udo Jürgens – Udo 71 80888 vg/vg Udo Jürgens – Griechischer Wein 27006-6 vg/vg Udo Jürgens und die Fußball Nationalmannschaft für die WM’78 –Buenos Dias Argentina 25888XT vg/vg Jankowskingsize-For Nightpeople Only MPS 14274 (BASF CRA 822) nm/vg Jo James mit Chor & Orchester—Swinging Musical A GoGo ST 5121 nm/nm Michael Jary–Originalaufnahmen seines erfolgreichen Spitzentanzorchesters 1C046-28546M Stan Kenton Conducts The Los Angeles Neophonic Orchestra SMAS 2424 vg/g Ben E. King – Star Collection MID 20040 vg/vg Roberta Kelly – Zodac Lady Atlantic ATL 50351 vg/vg Andy Kim - Popgold ABC 28672HT nm/nm (CD-R) Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas – Listen… BGO LP 56 nm/nm Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas – The Best Of… Capitol SM-11897 nm/nm Klaatu 1 C064-85134 g/g Klaatu – Hope 1C064-85223 g/g The Kinks-Golden Hour Of… 86288XAT nm/vg The Kinks- State Of Confusion Arista 205275 vg/vg Gladys Knight & The Pips – All I Need Is Time S 739 L nm/nm Eartha Kitt – I Love Men Metronome 821358-1ME Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Tropical Ganosters 204669-320 vg/vg KC And The Sunshine Band – Greatest Hits BRLP 53 nm/nm Kool & The Gang – As One 0060539 vg/vg Kool & The Gang – Misled 881791-1ME Maxi vg/vg Kool & The Gang – Cherish 883118-1ME Maxi vg/vg Kool & The Gang – Emergency DLP 9001 vg/vg Hubert Kah – Military Drums INT 125583 Maxi vg/vg Hubert Kah - Limousine INT 125544 Maxi vg/vg Alexis Korner And Friends AMIGA 855873 vg/vg Karat – Schwanenkönig AMIGA 855770 vg/vg Karat – Der blaue Planet 625070AP g/vg Kati Kovacs Amiga 855359 vg/vg Kati Kovacs – Kati Amiga 855452 nm/vg Zsuzsa Koncz Amiga 855271 vg/vg Shusha (Zsuzsa) Koncz – Morgenlicht Bellaphon 27005008 nm/nm (CD-R) Jukka Kuoppamäki - Take My Heart (Polen) XL 0860 g/g Peter Kraus – Cadillac Night 8393271 vg/vg Knut Kiesewetter – Stargala Polydor 2664187 Doppel-LP nm/vg Kanako Hilo And His Hawaiian Orchestra---Blue Hawaii 625245AF vg/g De Kermisklanten (Die Kirmesmusikanten) MFP 1A022-58191 nm/nm Das goldene Zither Album mit RUDI KNABL TS 3161/1-2 DO-LP nm/vg Ricky (Cliff) King Plays Fantastic Guitar Hits BASF CC 227618 nm/nm Ricky King – Happy Guitar Dancing Epic CX 25163 nm/nm Bert Kaempfert- Now And Forever Polydor 2311197 nm/nm Bert Kaempfert-The Best Of…Hit-Maker No. 1 Polydor184012 vg/vg Annelie und Roland Kiesel-Akkordeon Spezialitäten HOHNER HR 8-099-100 nm/nm Annelie und Roland Kiesel-Schwarzwälder Souvenir AUROPHON AU 11035 nm/nm KONZIL 1962 – Christophorus CGL 75752 vg/vg Loretta Lynn – Greatest Hits MCA – 37235 nm/vg (cut) Vera Lynn – The Best Of .... 5C054.04229 nm/vg Vera Lynn – Hits Of The Blitz Capitol Canada ST 6041 vg/nm Viktor Lazlo – Hot & Soul Polydor 8379211 nm/nm Viktor Lazlo – Sweet,Soft N’ Lazy Polydor 8416911 nm/nm Viktor Lazlo – My Delicious Poisons Polydor 8494721 nm/nm Lobo – The Best Of… Philips 6369807 vg/vg Lobo- The Soca Calypso Party Mercury 6400608 Maxi vg/vg Audrey Landers- Holiday Dreams Ariola 412205 vg/vg Amanda Lear – I Am A Photograph 25473XOT nm/nm Amanda Lear – Sweet Revenge 25900XOT nm/nm Amanda Lear – Never Trust A Pretty Face 200017 nm/nm Brenda Lee – Little Miss Dynamite WW5083 nm/nm Brenda Lee- Wiedersehn ist wunderschön BFX 15186 nm/nm John Lennon/ Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy GEF 99131 nm/nm John Lennon / Yoko Ono- Milk And Honey W/VG(US Musterplatte) vg/vg Linton Kwesi Johnson-LKJ in DUB 203181320 nm/nm Anne Lenox- Diva PL 75326 nm/nm Robin Luke – Susie Darlin BFX 15022 nm/nm Los Diablos SHZEL 717 vg/vg Jerry Lee Lewis And Friends – Duets Bellaphon BBS 2568 Farbvinyl nm/nm (CD-R) Jerry Lee Lewis- Will You Take Another … Contour 6870629 nm/nm Lulu- The World Of… Decca SPA 8 nm/nm Luv – With… Carrere 2934108 nm/nm Lime – Unexpected Lovers 8259941 vg/vg Londonbeat – There’s Beat going on… RCA ZT42122 Maxi vg/vg Mario Lanza – Unvergessen RCA 314112 nm/nm Josef Laufer – My Name Is Joe Cornet 15031 vg/vg Josef Laufer - Ein Name Ein Programm Cornet Special 16050 nm/nm Kristiana Levy – The Inner Twist 1C066-7915841 vg/vg Bruce Low-Heimat Deine Sterne ARIOA 85330XU Doppel-LP nm/nm Volker Lechtenbrink – Stargala Polydor 2664218 Doppel-LP nm/nm Daliah Lavi Karussell 2345034 nm/nm Stephanie Lindbergh PPL 1-4227 vg/vg Stephanie Lindbergh – Begegnungen INT 161531 nm/nm Vicky Leandros , USA 1978 Kim Fowley / Marc Peters (Mark Wirtz) CBS 82333 Ute Lemper – Crimes Of The Heart CBS 4656761 nm/vg London Symphony Orchestra-Classic Rock 24063 nm/nm London Philharmonic Orchestra – Schubert Nr. 8 Somerset CL-570 nm/nm Geoff Love- Western Musik MFP 5013 nm/nm Geoff Love – Big War Movie Themes MFP 5171 nm/vg James Last-Hereinspaziert zur Polka Party Polydor 304543 nm/nm James Last-Die schönsten Melodien der letzten 100 Jahre Polydor 2437865 nm/nm James Last – Games That Lovers Play Polydor 409433 nm/nm Franz Lambert – King Of Hammond 3 Doppel LP Philips 6623089 vg/vg Franz Lambert –Pop Orgel Hitparade Folge 2 1C056-32438 nm/nm Franz Lambert – Gold Collection 1C 2LP 134 1467793 EAN 5099914677939 nm/nm Franz Lambert- Welterfolge für Millionen EMI 1C028-32073Y nm/nm Franz Lambert-Begegnungen 89103 LP (Cover mit Originalunterschrift) nm/nm Franz Lambert…Autogrammkarte mit Originalunterschrift von 1995 MIREILLE et ses amis JEAN SABLON / PILLS et TABET 2C046-10788 nm/nm Yves Montand – Seine Grossen Erfolge 204328-320 nm/nm Marilyn Monroe – I Wanna Be Loved By You 31038 nm/nm Marilyn Monroe-Remember Marilyn Philips 6370201 nm/vg Dean Martin – Memories Are Made… 1C176-81335/6 Doppel-LP nm/nm Dean Martin- 20 Original Reprice K54066 nm/nm Al Martino- Can’t Help…Summer Of ’42 134EVC53213/4 Doppel-LP nm/nm Al Martino - MFP 5695 nm/nm The Mama’s & The Papa’s-If You Can Believe… C048-50723 nm/vg Barry Manilow- Even Now 1C064-60423 nm/nm Barry Manilow-The Best Of… 1C064-61754 nm/nm The Monkees- Greatest Hits 201115 nm/nm Melanie – 20 Super Hits 623488AP nm/nm Melanie-Stoneground Words NRS 47005 (EMI-ASD) nm/nm Melanie-Cowabonga Never Turn … LP 57261012 nm/vg The Manhattan Transfer – Live ATL 50540 nm/nm The Moody Blues – Profile Decca 624004 nm/nm John Mayall - Memories Polydor 2425085 nm/vg Hank Marvin – Words And Music Polydor 2383634 vg/vg Mezzoforte – Surprise Polydor 8117241 nm/vg Richard Marx – Repeat Offender 0647903801 nm/nm Anne Murray – Greatest Hits nm/vg Anne Murray & Glen Campbell MFP 4156891 vg/vg Wings Wild Live 1C062-04946 vg/g McCartney CAPITOL PCS 7102 nm/vg Paul McCartney – Pipes Of Peace 1C064-1652301 nm/nm Paul McCartney – Ram 1C062-04810 vg/g Paul McCartney/ Stevie Wonder – Ebony And Ivory 1CK062-64763 Maxi vg/g Paul McCartney-Press To Play 0622405981 nm/vg Paul McCartney- Ou Est Le Soleil ? Capitol V-15499 (USA Import) Maxi nm/nm Paul McCartney- Flaming Pie 8565001 nm/nm Paul McCartney-Run Devil Run 5223511 nm/nm (CD-R) Paul McCartney – Driving Rain 5355101 Doppel-LP nm/nm Ruth McCartney-I Will Always…212176 nm/nm Aimee Mann – Lost In Space ,Digital Master Recording,MFSL 1-278,Nr.02158 (CD-R) Madonna-Like A Prayer 9258441 nm/nm Madonna 9238671 vg/vg Madonna- True Blue 9254421 nm/nm Madonna- Who’s That Girl (Filmmusik) 256111 nm/nm Madonna-Who’s That Girl 9206920 Maxi nm/nm Madonna- Like A Prayer 9211890 Maxi nm/nm Masquerade-Guardian Angel (Original) Metronome 8159721 nm/nm Mixed Emotions 1C066Y1472561 nm/nm Joni Mitchell – Court And Spark AS 53002 vg/vg Joni Mitchell – Hejira AS 53053 vg/vg Joni Mitchell- Mingus AS 53091 vg/vg Joni Mitchell-Miles Of Aisles AS 63001 Doppel-LP vg/vg Joni Mitchell- Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter AS63003 Doppel-LP vg/vg Mantovani-The Master Works STAR 2335 nm/nm Glenn Miller RCS3105 Doppel-LP nm/nm Glenn Miller – Yesterday SP-33-90 vg/vg Glenn Miller – Today LSP-2270 vg/vg Bob Moore –Mexico BFX 15288 nm/nm The Mike Moran Band 062MFP97520 nm/nm Bobbi Martin – Thinking Of You SUS-5319 vg/vg Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus 28819XOT vg/vg Mungo Jerry – Greatest Hits PTE 86677ET nm/nm Matt Bianco 2408801 vg/vg Matt Bianco - Indico 2423991 nm/nm Matt Bianco- Whose Side Are You On & 7” PRO 427 2404721 nm/nm Van McCoy- The Disco Kid Avco 89462XOT vg/vg Van McCoy –Disco Baby 88986XOT vg/vg The Miracles – Renaissance T325L vg/vg The Miracles- The Power Of Music T6-344S1 vg/vg MSFB- Love Is The Message KZ32707 vg/vg MFSB PIR 65903 vg/vg Microdisney (feat. Sean O’Hagan) - Crooked Mile Virgin 208126630 nm/nm (CD-R) Alison Moyet – Hoodoo COL 4682721 nm/nm Alison Moyet – Essex COL 4759551 nm/nm Alannah Myles Atlantic 7819561 vg/vg Lisa Marie With Malcolm McLaren –Something’s Jumpin’ In Your Shirt 7”&12” nm/nm Matchbox – Crossed Line 625399AO vg/vg Modern Talking-The 1st Album Hansa 206818620 vg/vg Modern Talking – Let’s Talk About Love 207080630 vg/vg ( Klebesticker fehlen) Modern Talking – Geronimo’s Cadillac 608620213 Maxi vg/vg Milli Vanilli – All Or Nothing Hansa 209979 vg/vg Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True 611014 Maxi vg/vg Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True 611589 Maxi vg/vg Milli Vanilli – Baby Don’t Forget My Number 611841 Maxi vg/vg Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Angel Station 200367-320 vg/vg Mother’s Finest – One Mother To Another Epic 25363 vg/vg Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time CBS A124457 Maxi vg/vg Kristy MacColl – Days Maxi 612465213 nm/nm Mel & Kim - Showing Out INT 125572 Maxi nm/nm Meat Loaf With John Parr- Rock’ N ’Roll Mercenaries 608458 Maxi vg/vg George Michael – I Want Your Sex EPC 6507836 Maxi vg/vg George Michael – Father Figure EPC 6513216 Maxi nm/nm Mirage-Pup Up The… 7”&12” vg/vg Maitai – History 7”&12” vg/vg Lee Marrow- Shanghai 7”&12” Martinelli -Cenerentola 7”&12”&12” Gary Moore & Phil Lynott- Out In The Fields 7”&12” vg/vg M.C. Miker “G” & Deejay Sven – Holyday Rap 7”&12” vg/vg Monti Special- Cold Days… 7”&12” vg/vg Mr.Mister-Broken Wings/Uniform Of Youth 7”&12” nm/nm Matia Bazar-Ti Sento/I Feel You 7”&12” nm/nm Monti Special-Don’t Be So Shy/No Way 7”&12” nm/nm Kylie Minogue- Got To Be Certain 12”&12”& Light Years Demo CD vg/vg Linda Morades – Viva Sudamerica Emston L610000 vg/vg Manuela – Profile Telefunken 624042 nm/vg Manuela-Made in Germany & USA,Die großen Erfolge 1 Telefunken PT 12002 nm/nm Manuela- Star Boutique,Die großen Erfolge 2 S 14540 P vg/g (Bocklet fehlt) Manuela – Ole Malorca und 14 goldene Hits Zett 63242 nm/nm Michael Morgan – Wie Fackeln im Sturm Bellaphon 27001045 nm/nm Münchener Freiheit - Traumziel CBS 4502661 nm/nm Freiheit – Fantasy 4624821 nm/nm (CD-R) Münchener Freiheit – Fantasie CBSCL 156547 nm/nm Münchener Freiheit – Tausendmal Du Maxi CBS A 126977 vg/vg Freiheit – Romancing In The Dark 4509181 nm/nm (CD-R) Freiheit – Love Is No Science 4671081 nm/nm (CD-R) Montanara Chor – Goldstücke Karussell 2872196 vg/vg Wencke Myhre- Album Ariola 200020365 vg/vg Mireille Mathieu – Sweet Souvenirs Of… 78613IT vg/vg Mireille Mathieu - Rendezvous mit Mireille Ariola 89375 IT vg/vg Jürgen Marcus –Ein Lied zieht hinaus in die Welt 622251AS vg/nm Peter Maffay – Frei sein ARCADE ADEG 75 vg/vg Frl. Menke Polydor 2372138 (Cover mit Originalunterschrift) nm/vg Frl. Menke - Hohe Berge Polydor 2141516 Maxi nm/nm Mina – Ritratto Di ... RB 314 nm/vg Milva HP02 nm/nm Milva – Die weisse Serie 625548 vg/vg Milva- Gesichter einer Frau 8210451 nm/nm Milva – Das Konzert 2LP 0080074 vg/vg Nana Mouskouri – Die Welt ist voll Licht Philips 9120086 nm/nm Nana Mouskouri – Sing Das Lied Philips 9129006 nm/nm Mantovani – Ein Klang verzaubert Millionen Decca 621689AF nm/nm Mantovani – Ein Traum für zwei Decca 624000 nm/nm Ernst Mosch Telefunken S 14550-P vg/vg Ernst Mosch Telefunken S14735-P vg/vg Morricone –Sound Giganten K-Tel nm/vg Munich Philharmonic Orchestra plays Abba WEA 9031-75162-1 nm/nm Menuhin/Mozart Nr. 4 D-Dur KV 218,Nr.5 A-Dur KV 219 1C063-01152 nm/vg Mozart / Love Themes RCA 13993-1 nm/nm Moldau Melodie / Christoph von Dohnanyi 64876 nm/vg The Nice – Ars Longa Vita Brevis 1C062-90006 vg/vg Rick Nelson – Greatest Hits SLS 50164 Z g/g Ricky Nelson Sunset 5D128-99582/3 Doppel-LP MONO nm/nm Rick Nelson MFP 50411 nm/nm Olivia Newton-John - If Not For You Polydor 2310136 nm/nm Olivia Newton-John - Long Live Love 1C062-95394 nm/nm Olivia Newton-John - Have You Never Been Mellow 1C062-05802 vg/vg Olivia Newton-John - Clearly Love 1C062-97037 vg/vg Olivia Newton-John - Making A Good Thing Better CBS Israel EMC 3192 nm/nm Olivia Newton-John – Totally Hot 1C064-61813 nm/nm vg/nm Olivia Newton-John - Greatest Hits 1C088-64956 nm/vg Juice Newton – Well Kept Secret Capitol SW-11811 vg/vg Brigitte Nielsen – Every Body Tells A Story Teldec 626606AP vg/vg Robbie Nevil – C’est La Vie K0602015506 Maxi vg/vg Phillis Nelson- I Like You Carrere 66306 vg/vg Günter Noris-20 Melodien zum Träumen Ariola Club-Edition 342212 nm/nm Günter Noris – Top Hits For Dancing 344994 vg/vg Paul Nero Sounds (Doldinger) - Maxi Rock LBS 83361 nm/nm Peter Nero/MikeDiNapoli DEACON DEA 1017 nm/nm Nicki-Servus 207150320 nm/nm Nicki-Ganz oder gar net 207714630 nm/nm Nicki- Kleine Wunder 208444630 nm/nm Nicki-Radio Bavaria 209381630 nm/nm Roy Orbison – The Big O CR300008 nm/nm Roy Orbison – Oh Pretty Woman LP 152018 vg/vg Roy Orbison – The Greatest Hits VGD3514 Doppel-LP nm/nm Roy Orbison – Mystery Girl Virgin 209576 nm/nm Phil Ochs – Greatest Hits ED 201 g/vg The Original Trinidad Steel Band Bellaphon 22007008 nm/nm Gilbert O’Sullivan MFP 50399 nm/nm Donny Osmond- Eyes Don’t Lie 064-7940511 nm/nm Esther & Abi Ofarim –Motive Philips 6321136 nm/nm Edna O’Brien - Sone Irish Loving ZDSW 728 nm/nm Hazel O’Connor – Breaking Glass A&M AMLH64820 vg/vg SINEAD O’CONNOR – THE VALUE OF IGNORANCE VHS 081320-3 The O’Jays – Ship Ahoy PIR 65860 vg/vg OMD-Maid Of Orleans 600499213 Maxi nm/nm Billy Ocean – Loverboy Jive 620394 Maxi vg/vg Billy Ocean – Suddenly Jive 620462 AE Maxi vg/vg Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells 875410 XOT g/g MIKE OLDFIELD – TUBULAR BELLS VHS PAL 4509-90686-3 MIKE OLDFIELD - THE ART IN HEAVEN CONCERT VHS 4028032020007 Mike Oldfield – Five Miles Out 204500-320 vg/vg Mike Oldfield - Platinum V2141 vg/vg Mike & Sally Oldfield Pekka Pohjola 90096 vg/vg Sally Oldfield – “Easy” 200932-320 vg/vg The Outfield – My Paradise Maxi CBS 6550591 nm/nm Musterplatte Peter Orloff – Die schönsten Mädchen Bellaphon 22005022 nm/nm Pink Floyd – Echoes 4LP Kassette nm/nm Pink Floyd 1C064-07575 vg/g Pink Floyd – The Wall 1C198-63410/11 vg/vg (2xCD-R) PINK FLOYD – IN CONCERT / DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER MVN 9911863 Elvis Presley – Christmas Album CDS 1155 nm/nm Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Christmas Album RCA INTS 1126 (e) vg/vg Elvis Presley – The Wonderful World Of Christmas LSP 4579 nm/nm Elvis Presley-The Sun Collection HY1001 nm/nm Elvis Presley-A Portrait In Music SRS 558 nm/nm Elvis Presley- Seine 40 größten Hits ADEG6 Arcade Doppel-LP g/g Elvis Presley – The Rockin’ Days RCA LSP 10204 vg/vg Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel Camden CDS 1204 vg/vg Elvis Presley – Original Soundtracks MONO RCA NL 89120 vg/vg Elvis Presley – King Creole RCA NL 83733 vg/vg Elvis Presley – Roustabout RCA NL 89049 vg/vg Elvis Presley – Fun In Acapulco RCA NL 89014 vg/vg Elvis Presley – ELVIS COUNTRY RCA LSP-4480 vg/vg Elvis Presley – A Legendary Performer Vol. 1 RCA CLP 1-0341 vg/vg Elvis Presley – A Legendary Performer Vol. 3 PICTURE DISC (nur Vinyl ohne Buch) Elvis Presley – As Recorded At Madison Square Garden 10.06.72 RCA LSP-4776 vg/vg Elvis Presley – Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite 2LP DPS 2040 nm/nm Elvis Presley -20 Fantastic Hits RCA Club Sonderauflage 63070 vg/vg Elvis Presley - Golden Boy Elvis RCA PL 43559 vg/vg Elvis Presley – Pure Gold RCA PJL 1-8078 vg/vg Gary Puckett And The Union Gap – Young Girl EMB 31108 nm/nm Platters- Golden Platters 9198167 nm/nm Gene Pitney – Greatest Hits 87296XAT nm/nm Van Dyke Parks – Song Cycle SUNDAZED 5140 nm/nm (CD-R) Van Dyke Parks – Tokyo Rose WB 7599259681 nm/nm (CD-R) The Partridge Family – Shopping Bag BELL 6072 g(Höhenschlag)/g(cut) Johnny Preston – Running Bear MMC 14051 (MG 20592) ex/ex Edith Piaf – Les Plus Grands Succes COLUMBIA C 83340 MONO g/g Edith Piaf Emidisc C048-50750 nm/nm Wilson Pickett – Don’t Know My Love ATL 40319 vg/vg Pointer Sisters-Energy PL52107 vg/vg Pointer Sisters- So Excited FL14355 vg/vg Pointer Sisters – Break Out FL 84705 vg/vg Pointer Sisters – Dare Me PT 49958 vg/vg Maxi Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain 9202670 vg/vg Poster fehlt Prince- Music From Graffiti Bridge 7699274931 Doppel-LP nm/nm Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters 7”&12” vg/vg Pet Shop Boys – Heart K0602024706 Maxi vg/vg Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia K060-2014646 Maxi vg/vg Pet Shop Boys - So Hard Maxi 0602040626 nm/nm Raiana Paige – Open Up Your Heart Maxi INT 126120 nm/nm Kevin Peek - Awakening 203412-320 nm/vg (cut) The Pink Mice Europa E 1011 nm/nm Dietmar Post And The German Sound – Bier Keller ALL 884 vg/vg De Paveier – Mer han de Musik bestellt 1C0661539911 nm/vg Hermann Prey-Welterfolge 320374 nm/nm (CD-R) Rita Pavone Amiga 855324 nm/vg Pope John Paul II in England 1982 EV001 nm/nm Juan Perez – Tango Argentino G 5006 nm/vg Queen- Greatest Hits 1C064-78071 g/g (1und 2 als CD-R) Queen- Flash Gordon Soundtrack 1C064-64203 vg/vg Queen-Hot Space 1A064-64773 vg/vg Queen- Radio Ga Ga 1CK0621655336 Maxi vg/vg QUEEN – GREATEST FLIX II VHS PAL MVD 9913263 Tommy Roe – 12 In A Roe 1C062-90926 vg/vg Cliff Richard – Cinderella Odeon OP8128 (Toshiba Pressung) vg/vg Cliff Richard – Deluxe Odeon OP8312 (Toshiba Pressung) vg/vg Cliff Richard –Latin A La Cliff Odeon OP8864 (Toshiba Pressung) vg/vg Cliff Richard –This Is Cliff Odeon OP9368B (Toshiba Pressung) Doppel-LP vg/vg Cliff Richard – Cliff in Japan Odeon OP9701 (Toshiba Pressung) vg/vg Cliff Richard And The Shadows –Thank You Very Much EMTV 15 nm/nm Cliff Richard – I’m No Hero 1C064-07342 nm/nm Cliff Richard – Rock On With… 1A022-58054 nm/nm Cliff Richard MFP 1M048-05358 nm/nm Cliff Richard And The Young Ones – Living Doll 7”&12” nm/nm The Rolling Stones Decca S17005P MONO nm/vg Rolling Stones- Rolled Gold Nova 628356DP Doppel-LP nm/nm Rolling Stones – Bridges To Babylon 724384471217 Doppel-LP nm/nm Diana Ross And The Supremes – Baby Love MFP SPR 90001 nm/nm Super Supremes HörZu SHZE 279 nm/nm Diana 1C064-63765 nm/nm The Supremes- Mary, Scherrie & Susaye 1C062-98369 vg/vg Diana Ross & The Supremes – Superstar Bellaphon 23015201 vg/vg Diana Ross As Mahogany (Soundtrack) 1C062-97105 vg/vg Diana Ross-Baby It’s Me 1C064-99571 vg/vg Diana Ross-The Boss 23015094 vg/vg Diana Ross- Why Do Fools Fall In Love 1A064-86441 vg/vg Diana Ross – Silk Electric 1A064-400130 vg/vg Diana Ross – Ross 1C064-1867051 vg/vg The Rare Earth – Get Ready 5C054-91006 vg/vg und g-/- Smokey Robinson – Pure Smokey T6-33151 vg/vg Otis Redding / Little Joe Curtis – Here Comes More Soul E 327 g/g The Otis Redding Story Atco 60013(1-2)MONO Doppel-LP nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley – Harper Valley P.T.A. SSS 6467200 vg/vg Jeannie C. Riley-Harper Valley P.T.A. PLP1 nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley- Yearbooks And Yesterdays PLP2 nm/nm vg/vg Jeannie C. Riley- Things Go Better With Go PLP-3 nm/vg Jeannie C. Riley – Country Girl PLP 8 nm/vg Jeannie C. Riley- The Generation Gap PLP-11 nm/nm vg/vg Jeannie C. Riley’s Greatest Hits PLP-13 nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley- Jeannie PLP-16 nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley – Just Jeannie MGM SE-4909 nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley- Down To Earth MGM SE 4849 nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley – Country Gold PO250 vg/vg The Songs Of Jeannie C. Riley Capitol ST 177 USA Import nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley – Truck Driver’s Dream(Neuauflage von ST 177) SP-10079 nm/nm Jeannie C. Riley- From Harper Valley To The Mountain Top MCA 5256 nm/nm Heidi Stern (Aufnahmen von 1979) JAX PAX JP1010 nm/vg (CD-R) Jennifer Rush CBS 26177 nm/nm Jennifer Rush – Movin’ CBSCL 434886 nm/nm Jennifer Rush – Heart Over Mind CBSCL 144261 nm/nm Jennifer Rush – I Come Undone CBS 6503806 Maxi vg/vg Jennifer Rush – Passion CBS 462929681 nm/nm Jennifer Rush – Passion Epic 4632271 (Spanien) nm/nm Jennifer Rush –Wings Of Desire CBS 4660001 nm/nm Jennifer Rush – Flames Of Paradise Maxi CBS 6508656 nm/nm Little Richard Is Back And There’s A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On ! JOY 100 ex/ex Little Richard’s Greatest Hits EMB 31065 nm/nm Kenny Rogers Collection MFP 1A222-58094 nm/nm Kenny Rogers – Greatest Hits (Bulgarien) BTA 11105 vg/vg The Romantics – In Heat Epic 25765 vg/vg Renato-Save Your Love Jive 625483 nm/nm James Royal – Call My Name CBS 63780 nm/nm James Royal (Polen) XL 0772 g/g James Royal Global 6306900 nm/nm Billy Joe Royal – Tell It Like It Is 910641 nm/nm Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody 200115 nm/nm The Best Of Bill Medley ZL71924 nm/nm Linda Ronstadt – Simple Dreams AS 53065 nm/nm Mikael Rickfors – Tender Turns Tuff 624649AP nm/nm (späterer Sänger bei THE HOLLIES) B.A. Robertson - Bully For You AS52275 Hülle K52275 mit 7” Live Single nm/nm (CD-R) Gerry Rafferty – Can I Have My Money Back ? HN4161 vg/vg Gerry Rafferty – City To City 30104 XOT vg/vg Chris Rea – The Best Of… New Light Through Old Windows 2438411 nm/nm Chris Rea – Wired To The Moon 625799AO vg/vg River City People – Say Something Good 0647926551 vg/vg The Very Best Of Lou Rawls HP4941 vg/vg The World Of Johnnie Ray ADEH 102 nm/nm The Brian Rogers Orchestra plays Gallagher&Lyle&Faiwater-Low AMLH68424 nm/nm Harry Robinson-Strings That Sing(Mood Music) EMI TWOX 1004 (062-05463) nm/vg …Abbey Road Studio 2 produziert von Wally Ridley ,Peter Vice................... Dick Rivers 2C068-72188 nm/vg Lionel Richie – Love Will Conquer Alle ZT41014 Maxi nm/nm Stan Ridgway- Camouflage A127220 Maxi vg/vg und 7 “ nm/nm The Ritchie Family – American Generation Metronome 0060152 vg/vg Round-One - Theme From Rocky 7”&12” vg/vg Rainbirds 8340231 nm/nm Rainbirds - Blueprint 8889771 Maxi vg/vg Marianne Rosenberg – Lieder der Nacht Hansa 143867 nm/nm Rio Reiser – Rio CBS 4666911 nm/nm Stephan Remmler – Lotto 8365561 nm/nm Ronny And The Hot Potatoes – Oh Ilse 0060394 nm/nm (CD-R) Mary Roos – Lieber John CBS 65653 vg/vg Ronny – Portrait in Musik 628008 Doppel-LP g/g Ivan Rebroff-Kosaken müssen reiten CBS S 64141 nm/nm Ivan Rebroff-Starportrait CBS S 64713 nm/nm Ivan Rebroff- Mein Russland, du bist schön CBS 64393 g/g Sniff’N’ The Tears – Fickle Heart PICTURE DISC (nur Vinyl) Santana-Abraxas CBS 64087 nm/nm Santana-Black Magic Woman CBS 4503101 Doppel-LP nm/vg Simon And Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits CBS 69003 nm/vg Simon And Garfunkel- Bridge Over Troubled Water nur LP Hülle mit CD-R -/g Paul Simon – Graceland 9254471 nm/nm Paul Simon – The Rhythm Of The Saints 7599260981 nm/nm Barbra Streisand - Guilty CBS 86122 nm/nm Dusty Springfield- A Girl Called Dusty BGO LP46 nm/nm Dusty Springfield- Motive Philips 6381044 nm/nm Dusty Springfield – Reputation 0602038456 Maxi vg/vg Status Quo - Piledriver 6360082 g/g Patti Smith – Horses 201112320 g/g Simply Red – Picture Book 9604521 nm/nm Shakin’ Stevens – Jetzt kommt Shaky Shaky 100 nm/nm Shakin’ Stevens – Give Me Your Heart Tonight EPCCL 461582 nm/nm Samantha Sang – Emotion Private Stock PS 7009 nm/nm Spice Girls – Spiceworld 724384511111 nm/nm (CD-R) SPICE GIRLS ONE HOUR OF GIRL POWER ! VHS 724349209534 The Seekers---The Hits Of… 1A046-1077781 vg/vg The Seekers MARVEL Stereophonic 2060 nm/nm Telly Savalas- This Is… DJM 88538 ET vg/vg (CD-R) Telly Savalas 622086AS nm/nm (CD-R) Dinah Shore –Dinah,Yes Indeed ! Capitol 5D-050-85290 nm/nm Frank Sinatra – The Radio Years WW2085 nm/nm This Is Nancy Sinatra VPS-6078 Doppel-LP g/g Nancy’s Greatest Hits Reprice 6409 (Australien) nm/nm Nancy Sinatra – Greatest Hits Teldec 2439741 nm/nm Mel & Nancy ELK K 52333 nm/nm Linda Scott – Starligt Starbright Star-1013 nm/nm (CD-R) Del Shannon – Runaway Hits ! XED 121 MONO nm/vg Chris Spedding –Hurt FC 052 nm/nm (CD-R) The Ronettes – The Colpix Years 000156 nm/nm (CD-R) The Ronettes – Greatest Hits SS LP 4100 nm/nm (CD-R) Ronnie Spector – Siren Polydor 2374173 nm/nm (CD-R) Ronnie Spector – Unfinished Business CBS 4508561 nm/nm (CD-R) A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector nm/nm (CD-R) Tony Sheridan – Ich lieb dich so BFX 15249 nm/nm Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers – My Bonnie 1237112 SLPHM nm/nm Ringo Starr – Ringo 1C062-05492 nm/nm Smokie – Greatest Hits 1C064-98751 vg/vg Smokie AMIGA 855605 vg/vg Smokie - Greatest Hits BTA 11004 (Bulgaria) vg/vg April Stevens- Teach Me Tiger ! Liberty LN-10225 (USA Import) Ray Stevens – Attention 6430107 nm/vg Ray Stevens – One More Last Chance AHLI-3841 RCA NIPPER USA IMPORT nm/vg Peter Sarstedt – Where Do You Go To My Lovely SLS 50382 nm/nm Alvin Stardust - The Untouchable 87668IT g/g Pete Shelley- Heaven & The Sea merh90 vg/vg Supertramp – Die Songs einer Supergruppe A&MCL407965 nm/nm Sparks- Music That You Can Dance To INT 147724 nm/vg The Staples – Pass It On BS 2945 nm/nm The Staples – Family Tree BS 3064 nm/nm Sinitta – Wicked Teldec 2464351 nm/nm Helen Schneider – Schneider With The Kick WEA 58294 nm/nm Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild MCA 250518-1 vg/vg Percy Sledge – Star Collection MID 20019 nm/nm Percy Sledge- Star Collection Vol. 2 MID 20065 nm/nm The Stylistics – Let’s Put It All Together Avco 88062IT vg/vg The Stylistics – Some Things Never Change 26010001 nm/nm The Surfaris- Wipe Out COPS 6354 nm/nm The Shadows’Best Sellers 1C062-04122M vg/vg The Shadows – Golden Greats SHPX 5014 nm/vg The Shadows – Mustang MFP 5266 nm/nm The Shadows – More Hits! SCX 3578 ex/ex The Shadows AMIGA 851086 vg/vg The Spotnicks – Spotnick’s Best Karussell 2499017 nm/vg Donna Summer – A Love Trilogy ATL 50265 vg/vg Donna Summer – Four Seasons Of Love ATL 50321 vg/vg Donna Summer – I Remember Yesterday ATL 50378 nm/nm Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Maxi Single – Patrick Cowley) Feel 12 vg/vg Donna Summer – Bad Girls NB 7048 Doppel-LP nm/nm Donna Summer WEA K 99163 vg/vg Donna Summer – Cats Without Claws 2508061 nm/nm Donna Summer – Dinner With Gershwin 2582360 Maxi nm/nm Fearkal Sharkey 207320630 vg/vg SAGA – Heads Or Tales 8154101 vg/vg Sting – The Dream Of The Blue Turtles 3937501 vg/vg Sky 200589-320 nm/ex Sky 2 301118406 Doppel-LP nm/ex (CD-R) Sky 3 203413-270 nm/ex Sky 4 204510-320 nm/vg(cut) STYX – Paradise Theater Amiga 855963 vg/vg Michel Sardou Ariola 25862 OT nm/vg Michel Sardou – Palais Des Concres 1981 301798-406 Doppel LP vg/vg Cat Stevens- Greatest Hits 89091XOT vg/vg Amii Stewart – Paradise Bird Hansa 200980320 vg/vg Simple Minds – Don’t You / A Brass Band … 601766213 nm/nm Stephanie (von Monaco) – Irresistible 7”&12” vg/vg Sabrina – Boys 7”&12” vg/vg Shalamar- Friends SOL K 52345 vg/vg Shalamar-The Look 9602391 vg/vg Shalamar – Circumstantial Evidence 126012 nm/nm Shannon –Love Goes All The Way Bellaphon 26019005 vg/vg Shannon- Give Me Tonight 12019010 vg/vg Sylvester-Living Proof Bellaphon BBS 25106 vg/vg Sylvester – All I Need 0060567 vg/vg Sylvester – Mutual Attraction ZYX 20071 vg/vg Sybil- My Love Is Guaranteed Bellaphon 12007267 vg/vg Secret Service – L.A. Goodbye/Broken Hearts 620084 AE vg/vg Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night 7”&12” nm/vg Sandra – Heaven Can Wait 611507213 Maxi vg/vg Sandra – Innocent Love 608283213 Maxi vg/vg Sandra – Mirrors 207915630 vg/vg Sandra – Paintings In Yellow 210518630 g/g SANDRA-TEN ON ONE (THE SINGLES) VHS PAL 790113-761 Warren Schatz SXL 0937 (Polen) g/g Sweet Smoke – Just A Poke 1C062-28886 vg/g Scorpions - Savage Amusement 1C064-7467041 nm/nm Spider Murphy Gang- Tutti Frutti 1C066-47671 nm/nm Strandjungs – Das 5. Mal…Irgendwo Koch 122453 nm/nm Ricky Shayne – Mamy Blue 209663 vg/vg Severine - Die großen Erfolge 89233 vg/vg Bernd Spier – Unvergessene Hits CBS 326082 vg/vg Michael Schanze - Hätten Sie heut’ Zeit für mich 1C062-29501 nm/vg Erik Silvester – Das Best von ... MFP 5662 nm/nm Hugo Strasser – Alpen Schlagerfestival MFP 1M048-29536 g/g Tanz mit HUGO STRASSER 1 Doppel-LP 1C188-30089/90 nm/vg (Preisabriss) Fritz Schulz-Reichel ...In der Bar nebenan Polydor 237108 vg/vg Toni Sulzböck – After Midnight 79159 vg/nm Georg Schwenk und sein Akkordeon Klub ELITE SPEZIAL SOLP-542 nm/nm Bela Sanders- Das große Tanzalbum Philips H72AM204 Doppel-LP g/g Willy Schneider – Eine Rheinfahrt Telefunken 623688BL nm/nm Margit Sponheimer singt Toni Hämmerle 76463 g/g Heintje 77541 IU vg/vg Weihnachten mit Heintje 78199IU g/g Rudolf Schock – Weihnachten 71501 IK vg/vg Fedor Schaljapin - La Grandi Voci Del Passato SM1115 vg/vg Schmadelekker - ...ein arges Spiel Ornament CH-7.315 vg/g (Heft fehlt) Mikis Theodorakis – Greek Popular Music 200171 nm/nm T. Rex – Cosmic Dancer Amiga 856493 g/g T.Rex- Cosmic Dancer Teldec 626600BU vg/vg T.Rex – Cosmic Dancer Club Edition 150771 nm/nm Judie Tzuke – The Cat Is Out 626199AP nm/vg Tanya Tucker – Ridin’ Rainbows MCA 62076 nm/nm Kathy Troccoli- Images RRA R 0014 vg/vg Ike & Tina Turner – 20 Super Hits Bellaphon BS 45011 nm/nm Tina Turner- Tina Turns The County On 1C0381576881 nm/nm Tina Turner- Let’s Stay Together 1CK0521868196 Maxi nm/nm Tina Turner – Private Dancer 416685 Club Edition nm/nm Tina Turner- Private Dancer 1C0642401521 vg/vg Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero 7”&12” nm/nm Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Here 1CK060-2007136 Maxi nm/nm Tina Turner – One Of The Living K0602008426 Maxi nm/nm Tina Turner – Break Every Rule 136812 Club Edition nm/nm Tina Turner – Tina Live In Europe 157222 Club Edition Doppel-LP nm/nm Tina Turner Feat. Barry White - In Your Wildest Dream Maxi vg/- The Temptations – Supergold 1C134-94936/7 Doppel-LP nm/nm The Temptations – How Can You Say That It’s Over ZT40212AF Maxi vg/vg Tanita Tikaram – Ancient Heart 2438771 nm/nm The Traveling Wilburys – Volume One 9257961 nm/nm (CD-R) Tommy James And The Shondells –Something Special ! BI 1556 nm/nm Three Dog Night – Coming Down Your Way ABCD 888 nm/nm Taco-After Eight RCA PL 28520 nm/nm Evelyn Thomas – High Energy 601362213 Maxi nm/nm Evelyn Thomas – Masquerade 601476213 Maxi nm/nm Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart 609777 Maxi nm/nm T.X.T.- Girl’s Got A Brand New Toy CBS A146073 Maxi vg/vg Transvision Vamp – Baby I Don’t Care 2575850 nm/nm PR COPY T’PAU - VIEW FROM A BRIDGE VHS PAL 5013702433521 Two Of Us – Blue Night Shadow 7”&12” nm/nm Jack Teagarden Pee Wee Russell R10096 g/- Vico Torriani – Top Star Album 622872AF vg/vg Vico Torriani - Die großen Erfolge ND 104 g/- Vico Torriani – Herzlichkeiten Marifon 296090315 vg/g Truck Stop - Nicht zu bremsen ! Polystar 915793 nm/nm Trosselbach Musikanten – Pusteblume HERKULES H-10025 nm/nm Trosselbach Musikanten – Frisch gespielt...froh gelaunt ! HERKULES H-10029 nm/nm Tschaikowsky – Capriccio Italien 88704 XAK nm/vg Trompetenkozert – Andre/Marriner 1C067-1435301/Club 43352-4 nm/vg Tracey Ullman – You Broke My Heart in 17 Places 625694 nm/nm Uriah Heep – Goldener Löwe 344861 vg/g Uriah Heep – The Best Of ... 28784 XOT g/g The Best Of UFO SLK 17008-P nm/nm UFO- The Beginning Vol.8 nm/vg UFO –Strangers In The Night –LIVE 6641909 Doppel-LP nm/nm Billy Vaughn – Italian Memories ADE G 134 nm/vg Vanua Levu – Islands Of Fantasy 182113 nm/nm The Ventures – Hawaii Five-0 LBS 83260 vg/g Frankie Valli – Is The World K56549 nm/nm Volunteers (George Clinton) AL4103 nm/nm Vangelis- Chariots Of Fire 2383602 vg/vg Vangelis – Greatest Hits Amiga 856151 vg/vg Village People – Macho Man 623449 vg/vg Herve Vilard – Ses Plus Grands Succes 6444006 nm/nm Visage – Fade To Grey Maxi&Single vg/vg DNA featuring Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner Maxi&Single nm/vg Vienna Lusthouse – Ready For Radetzky 612572 Maxi nm/nm Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby 0602041126 Maxi nm/ vg V Capri – Haunting Me 247067-0 AE Maxi nm/nm Promo Copy Caterina Valente – Ein Star und seine Lieder Telefunken 301903 nm/nm Caterina Valente- Die großen Erfolge Decca ND 103 g/- Lena Valaitis – Da kommt Lena 89750 IT vg/vg Herman Van Veen- Inzwischen alles Gute ... Polydor 2438101 W(vorne verwellt)/vg Tammy Wynette – C&W Superstar EPC S 68244 Doppel-LP vg/g (2 CD-R Überspielung) Roy Wood- Mustard Polydor 2310418 vg/vg Brian Wilson – That Lucky Old Sun 5099923414211 (CD-R) Brian Wilson – Reimagines Gershwin 5099990650116 Ian Whitcomb – You Turn Me On ! STK 84046 vg/vg Mark Wirtz/Belle Gonzalez/Russ Loader-Ten Again T452 Stereo vg/vg (CD-R) Mark Wirtz Orchestra-WIRTZ & MUSIC EMB 3366 MONO very rare vg+/vg+ (CD-R) Mark Wirtz Orchestra – Latin A Go Go dto. ODEON STEMB-3366 STEREO vg/vg Marc Wirtz – Balloon CAPITOL ST-11155 very rare vg+/vg+ Marc Wirtz - Hothouse Smiles CAPITOL ST-11208 rare vg+/vg+ TOMORROW Feat. Keith West SHSM 2010 OC054-06232 vg/vg TOMORROW Feat. Keith West IMP 1003 vg/vg Spyderbaby – Glassblower 180gr. Vinyl Gatefold 4260117450020 (CD-R) The Eyes Of Mind – Tales Of The Turquoise Umbrella CLOSER CL 0018 ex/ex (CD-R) Gene Williams – Bubble Gum Music OPP5-15 (signiert v. 21.02.1970) ex/ex Barry White - Love Songs ADEH 179 nm/nm Barry White – Barry’s Gold Polystar 8321421 nm/vg+ Love Unlimited-Under The Influence Of… Philips 6370204 vg/vg Together Brothers Soundtrack ST-101 IMPORT (eine Plattenseite hat einen Kratzer !) Womack & Womack – Conscience vg/g+ Mary Wells – Greatest Hits MFP SPR 90008 vg/g+ The Best Of Stevie Wonder 1A058-91056 nm/nm Stevie Wonder – Talking Book 5C184-50371/2 Doppel-LP vg/vg Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July 1C064-64121 vg/vg Stevie Wonder – Fulfillingness’ First Finale 1C062-95761 vg/vg Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through The Secret Live Of Plants 62492/93 vg/g The Walker Brothers – Hitsounds 701577 nm/nm Steve Winwood – Refugees Of The Heart 211032 nm/nm Robby Williams – Swing When You’re Winning 5368261 nm/nm Brian Wilson – That Lucky Old Sun 5099923414211 nm/nm (CD-R) BRIAN WILSON – REIMAGINES GERSHWIN 5099990650116 Karen Wyman MCA MAPS 3105 STEREO vg/vg nm/nm nm/nm (CD-R) Karen Wyman DECCA DL75211 nm/vg (Cut oben links) Karen Wyman Columbia KC 31704 vg/vg (CD-R) Karen Wyman …handsigniertes Foto wie vom Plattencover in 17x23,5 cm vom Dez. 1972 Johnny Whitaker – Friends BCL 1-0332 nm/nm Don Williams – Yellow Moon MCA 205399 nm/nm Vesta Williams – Vesta 4 U A&M 3952231 nm/vg Was(Not Was)-What Up Dog? 834291 vg+/vg (Don”Rope Drink”Was-I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times) Whodini Jive 625634 vg/vg Whodini – Magic’s Wand Jive 620171 Maxi vg/vg The Wee Papa Girl Rappers- Wee Rule 620960AE Maxi vg/vg The Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Heart It Up 620921AE Maxi vg/vg Wendy & Lisa – Lolly Lolly VST1175 Maxi nm/nm Precious Wilson-On The Race Track Hansa 202912320 vg/vg Poster fehlt Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite ZYX 5584 Maxi vg/vg Kim Wilde- You Keep Me Hangin’ On 2585250 Maxi vg/vg+ Juliane Werding – Super 20 25214XU vg+/vg+ Ramona Wulf- Parlez-Moi D’Amour 200206315 nm/nm Roger Wittaker – Seine 20 schönsten Lieder K-Tel TG 1191 nm/nm Roger Wittaker – Du gehörst zu mir 433425 nm/nm Roger Wittaker – Mein deutsches Album INT 161508 nm/nm Roger Wittaker – Festliche Weihnachtszeit INT 161562 nm/nm Judy Winter – Sie zu Ihm ... RCA PL28366 nm/nm Waterloo & Robinson – Songs MLP 15572 vg/vg Klaus Wunderlich-Hammond für Millionen S14616-P vg/vg Fritz Wunderlich – Ein Lied geht um die Welt GOL 41010 vg/- Margot Werner – So ein Mann Polydor 2416220 nm/nm Hubert Wolf – Bömerländer Spezialitäten Karussell 2415034 nm/vg Wiener Philharmoniker /Herbert von Karajan –Dvorak Nr.9/Smetana-Moldau 415509-1 nm/nm Wiener Ball Orchester Franz Marszalek-Kaiserwalzer Polydor P 73389 nm/nm Alexis Weissenberg/Herbert von Karajan-Tschaikowski EMI 1C065-02044A nm/nm XTC – Ball And Chain/Punch And Judy VS 482-12 Maxi nm/nm XTC – Love On A Farmboy’s Wages VS 613-12 Maxi nm/vg Yazz-Stand Up For Your Love Rights INT125751 Maxi vg/vg Yazz-The Only Way Is Up INT 125744 Maxi vg/vg Yazz-The Only Way Is Up INT 125749 Maxi vg/vg Tracie Young – I Can’t Leave You Alone 620463AE Maxi vg/vg Yello – The Race 8703301 Maxi vg/vg Yello- Call It Love 8883111 Maxi vg/vg Yazoo-Don’t Go INT 126806 12”Maxi vg/vg & 7” Single vg/vg Yazoo – Upstairs At Eric’s INT 146803 Maxi vg/vg Neil Young-Harvest nur LP Hülle mit CD-R Neil Young – Harvest 7599-27239-1 nm/nm Frank Zander – Stars In Gold 204657270 nm/nm Pia Zadora –Little Bit Of Heaven Maxi & Single vg/vg